Farmzy tomato plants grew out of a dream. A dream in which everyone grows their own tomatoes at home. Because home-grown tomatoes are the most delicious of all tomatoes.

Farmzy tomato plants grew out of a dream. A dream in which everyone grows their own tomatoes at home. Because home-grown tomatoes are the most delicious of all tomatoes.

About Farmzy

Farmzy is a compact tomato plant that was specially bred to be grown indoors, on a balcony or in the garden. The leaves are an attractive dark green making it a pleasure to look at.

As the son of a tomato grower, I grew up among these fruit and love them. What started as an interest in collecting old breeds of tomato grew into cultivating a breed that is adapted to home growing. It is a strong plant with succulent fruit.

We are thinking about expanding the Farmzy family to include not only other breeds of tomato, but even other fruit like cucumber, beans and even melon.

Is that a broccoli leaf? No! I’m a real tomato plant even if my leaves look a bit strange for a tomato plant. I was born this way and am completely natural. My thick leaves make me super strong and I can cope with the dry as well as the rain and cold.

Who is Gaby

I am Gaby, Gaby van der Harg. I am married to Chantal and we have a son called Tijn. I have a strong drive, work hard, am passionate and a dreamer, and Chantal always says that I am very impatient. What gets me out of bed at any time of day and night? Tomatoes, dark beer, hiking in nature, jogging (if I have time) and for Tijn if he cries at night.


Keep Farmzy tomato plants in a cool and very sunny place. The fruit from the first two or three bunches can be harvested while the plant is indoors. It is then best to re-pot the tomato plant in a large pot outdoors or in the garden. Tomatoes love plenty of sunshine – the sun makes their fruit sweeter.

Farmzy tomato plants are strong plants, resistant to cold and rain, but should the temperature drop below 5 degrees, put them indoors at night.

The plants grow slowly and evenly. By the end of the season, they can grow up to about one metre high so attach them to a stick inserted in the soil to keep them upright.

Farmzy tomato plants require minimal care. Just water, regular plant food, attaching to the stick and plucking the fruit.

As I love plants and nature, I do everything I can to protect them. Growing Farmzy tomato plants requires very little energy and we only use organic products to protect the plants from disease.

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Tomato toadstools

These fun tomato toadstools are easy to make. Just halve the Farmzy tomatoes and scoop out the seeds and flesh. Arrange some rocket leaves on a serving dish and place some small mozzarella balls on the leaves. Place one tomato cap on each mozzarella ball. If the tomato caps do not stay in place, use a cocktail stick to attach them to the mozzarella. Make the dots on the toadstools with mayonnaise. Delicious and fun!

Tomato snake

Instead of a birthday cake, try making this tomato snake! Take as many white bread rolls as you can eat (preferably home-made bread rolls, but bought ones are fine too) and attach mozzarella balls, Farmzy tomatoes and basil to them using cocktail sticks. Arrange them in the shape of a snake and drizzle pesto over them. Use a sliver of red pepper to make the tongue and two bits of mozzarella and two cloves to make the eyes.

Tomato snacks

These tomato snacks are perfect to bring to a party. Cut off the top of the Farmzy tomatoes and carefully scoop out the flesh. Fill the tomatoes with cheese spread and sprinkle chopped chives on top. Stick a cocktail stick into each one to serve.

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